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The Convex family work independently, with a common approach, to get things done for your business. Quicker, more accurately, with questions being viewed from all perspectives.

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Our Story

Convex Accounting was founded in 2011. We grew frustrated putting together plans for clients, only to have them undone by other advisers who weren’t on the same page.

Accountants not using technology properly. Lawyers fixing the legal problem, but undoing accounting asset protection. Brokers not following the plans laid down by lawyers. Technology and cloud providers not creating useful business information.

To solve this, we start working closely with specific people. The aim was to give cohesive advice from multiple professionals – instead of advice given in a silo. To deliver this advice further, we’ve created Convex Hub.

We’re a family of businesses, who come together to act as a central hub for your business. This lets you tell us your story once, and have all elements of a plan put together.

It’s important to note though that we are separate businesses (with common shareholdings). You’ll sign separate terms and conditions, get separate quotes, and have the work done by different people. You will though, get a consistent experience between the businesses, and know that we’ll share your story between us (with your permission) so that we can all work towards the same end.

Some of the people we’ve helped include

And typically we’re helping them with

Most customers come to us with what looks like a simple question at first glance. Help with cashflow, forming a family trust, or getting better data on their business.

When we drill into things, the question is deeper than it first appears. The accounting question about cashflow is often related to their legal terms of trade. The legal question about the trust ties into the annual accounting setup and who owes money to who. The process question about better data feeds into how their accounting system is setup.

Everything in business is interlinked. By looking deeper at questions, from multiple angles, we’re able to craft better solutions for the people we work with.

A bar and restaurant owner came to the Legal team to have their lease reviewed. They were concerned about the personal guarantees they were giving, especially if they ended up assigning the lease.

Their concern was coming from a place of poor trading. Our Cloud team reviewed the setup on the point of sales system to analyse their sales hour-by-hour, day-by-day. With that, the Accounting team helped them fine tune opening hours and staffing levels to help turn the business around.

With any business selling time, moving jobs out the door is key. Getting visibility on job progress, giving staff clear targets, and meeting milestones is the key. The Cloud team introduced a new workflow system, integrated that with their accounting software, resulting in jobs moving out the door quicker.

The Legal team have since assisted with new family trusts, protecting the business owners family home and moved the shares in the company into trust also. They’ve now got a structure for them to build their wealth for the future (and we’re helping them create a plan for financial independence through rental properties and share market investments).

Any trades business relies on cashflow, and completing jobs profitability. Keeping track of variations, labour and the materials used on a job can be difficult when you’re on the road constantly. Our Cloud team helped solve this for an engineering business through a Xero addon. That’s helped them increase profitability, bill all materials on a job, and better manage their team on the road.

At the same time, trades are fraught with risk – margins, especially in construction, can be tight. To protect businesses against a downturn (or a fine from a health and safety breach), asset protection is key. Asset protection is more than just forming a trust though – it involves the legal trust, resolutions and documentation, alongside the accounting detail on money flows, loans and structuring. We were able to craft a plan for the client, and then execute on all elements – rather than them having to play middle-person between their accountant and their lawyer.

Our Events



Xero 101 — Getting the most out of Xero: the basics you need to know

With Xero accounting software, all your data is online so you can have easy access to it — anytime, anywhere, on any device. At Convex Accounting we are big fans of Xero making your business life easier, so we are offering a free series of seminars on getting the most out of Xero. The first in the series covers the basics you need to know, fishhooks to look out for, and what reports to use.

We are excited to be partnered with Xero and are hosting these events at the Xero headquarters in Wellington.

March 2, 4.30-6 pm. Level 1, Xero Headquarters, 19-23 Taranaki Street, Te Aro, Wellington 6011

Book your spot here

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